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Jameh Engineering (Pvt.) Ltd.

M/s Jameh Engineering (Pvt.) Ltd., an engineering unit comprising of a foundry, pattern making and a machining section has been commissioned to cater the requirements of automobile sector in Pakistan. It was established in 2006 and now has the strength of more than 100 skilled employees.

The foundry forms the nucleus for the development of engineering and supportive industries in Pakistan and is proud to play a role in speeding up the localization program of the national economy. The statistical process controls another quality control feature which guarantees precision highly quality standard that speaks of customers satisfaction. Standardization of operations is the hallmark of excellence of our foundry. This means judicious inspection is observed and applied to all key operations and instruments that are used to check the precision and accuracy of these operations.

Our foundry, at every stage of production, the most advanced and stringent quality controls are observed starting the source all incoming raw materials are tested for compliance with their specifications. Molten metal from the furnace is tested at regular intervals with the highly accurate Spectrometer and Thermal Analysis. Castings are tested for dimensional accuracy using the latest equipment. Other quality control equipment includes a complete range of state of the art machinery such as Sand Testing, Brinell Hardness Tester, Ultrasonic Tester, Tensile Testing, Metallographic Equipments etc. Jameh Engineering Casts its products in SG Iron Grades such as British Standards (400/18;420/12;500/7).

Existing Facilities:

  • We have a facility in house tailor make patterns, permanent moulds dies and job oriented gadgetry to ensure 100% reproducibility.
  • We have complete in-house semi automated green sand and machine molding facilities.
  • In-house machining facilities.
  • Our R & D oriented labs are equipped with Emission Spectrometer, Quick Lab-II, Metallographic Microscope (X 800), Ultrasonic.
  • Employ 500 KGs "Duranline" medium frequency induction furnace.
  • Mechanical testing (UTS, Elongation, Yield Strength, Area Reduction, Hardness etc.
  • Our Plants and Laboratories are supervised by highly motivated, experienced and qualified staff.


Head Office

 Address:163-P Gulberg-III, Lahore, Pakistan.
 Fax: +924235854072


3-Km. Raiwind Road, Near Gate No.3, Sundar Industrial Estate Rohi Nala Distt. Kasur.
Tel: +92-42-3539161-2


We Deal

  • Casting

  • Parts Designing

  • Parts Manufacturing

  • Parts Machining

  • Metallurgical Testing

  • Metallurgical R & D